Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Slave men, Fulu is a woman who built his life as a hymn to freedom and Magnetic magic Fulù. A work signed the talented duo Trillo and Risso. Script: Carlos Trillo. Design: Eduardo Risso. 
In Africa, European make raids with the aim of capturing indigenous to sell them into slavery on the other side of the Atlantic. The washers of Da Fontes master of the vessel are filled. However, when the prisoners passed before him, the man is disturbed. Indeed, Fulù is a young black woman with a blonde hair. What the slave does not know is that she knows about voodoo. He would be able to touch her ​​... but she gives him a look so cold that it frightens. Later, their ship finally comes in a Brazilian port. A buyer of slaves boarded to search the human cargo. Despite the objections of the captain, he also takes Fulù. The day ends. Da Fontes will hang himself in his cabin. Took on the slave market, the young woman with blond hair is bought by the Duchess, to serve the daughter of the latter. The problem is that once in this property, Fulù attracts attention including that of the beloved of his mistress. For his freedom, the sapling is ready for anything. She imagines a trap, in which her ​​suitor throws himself body and soul.


Fulu T1 The Bad Fate (Dragonz - Sosich).cbr | 66 MB | LINK:
Fulu T2 Dance Of The Gods (Dragonz - Sosich).cbr | 62 MB | LINK:
Fulu T3 Under Shadows Of A Wish (Dragonz - Sosich).cbr | 70 MB | LINK:
Fulu T4 The Sea, Freedom (Dragonz - Sosich).cbr | 60 MB | LINK:
Fulu T5 Hard Homecoming (Sosich).cbr | 58 MB | LINK:


Fulù V1 #1 (of 5) (1989).pdf | 22 MB | LINK:
Fulù V2 #2 (of 5) (1990).pdf | 21 MB | LINK:
Fulù V3 #3 (of 5) (1990).pdf | 24 MB | LINK:
Fulù V4 #4 (of 5) (1991).pdf | 20 MB | LINK:
Fulù V5 #5 (of 5) (1992).pdf | 19 MB | LINK:


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