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The GI's punaisaient (in English "To pin-up") drawings or photos of their starlets on the wall of their barracks. A literal translation of "Pin-Up" in French would be "Bug down," which has nothing to do and we digress (? Though). Pin-Up so, we continue to call them, these creatures of dreams that allowed soldiers to escape moments in their sad condition. Airmen also adopted them. Their luscious and generous shapes adorned the cabins warplanes and flanks bounced bombers. The young drivers their virtues were lucky. They often christened their plane the nickname of the starlet contained therein. Their success was such that the cartoonist Milton Caniff (authentic designer, creator in 1942 of a series commissioned by the army, called Male Call, and which has inspired Yann Berthet and to create Pin-Up) did not hesitate to take with him his models in the flesh during his tours in US bases. Screenplay: Yann Le Pennetier | Design: Philippe Berthet.
December 1941. Pearl Harbor precipitated the United States in World War II. Joe is one of those young GI who think reassembled block smashing the Japanese in three weeks. In fact, the only survivor of his patrol, he goes into hiding for months in a remote atoll, before being "recovered" with one John Fitzgerald Kennedy failed to close. Dottie, his fiancee as blonde qu'innocente, languishes pending his letters. It is hosted by her friend Talullah - as dark as cynical - that finds him a job at Yoyo's Club. But now the girls of the box are hired as models pinup lucky designed by Milton on cabins bombers. With a treatment for Dottie: it will Poison Ivy, pulpy and patriotic heroine of the BD that the army controlled Milton Caniff, giant comics who actually served as models and was touring with her on the forehead creatures. Joe, who rediscovered the joys of the army, finds Poison Ivy and, like all his classmates, falls in love. Unable guess that Poison Ivy and Dottie are one and he sends to Dottie, become too bland for his taste, a very macabre breakup letter.


Pin-Up 01- Remember Pearl Harbor HC (1997) (T-DMT-DCP).cbz | 34.4 MB | LINK:
Pin-Up 02 - Poison Ivy (1997) (T-DMT-DCP).cbz | 34.32MB | LINK:
Pin-Up 03 - Flying Dottie (1998) (T-DMT-DCP).cbz | 33.16MB | LINK:
Pin-Up 04 - Blackbird.cbr | 37 MB | LINK:
Pin-Up 05 - Colonel Abel.cbr | 39 MB | LINK:
Pin-Up 06 - Gladys.cbr | 42 MB | LINK:
Pin-Up 07 - Las Vegas.rar | 45 MB | LINK:
Pin-Up 08 - Big Bunny (Scanlation) (phillywilly).cbr | 151 MB | LINK:
Pin-Up 09 - Venom (2005) (Scanlation) (phillywilly).cbr | 147 MB | LINK:


Pin-Up V1 #1 (of 10) (1994).pdf | 27 MB | LINK:
Pin-Up V2 #2 (of 10) (1995).pdf | 28 MB | LINK:
Pin-Up V3 #3 (of 10) (1995).pdf | 28 MB | LINK:
Pin-Up V4 #4-5-6 (of 10) (1998).pdf | 83 MB | LINK:
Pin-Up V7 #7 (of 10) (2001).pdf | 27 MB | LINK:
Pin-Up V8 #8 (of 10) (2002).pdf | 29 MB | LINK:
Pin-Up V9 #9 (of 10) (2005).pdf | 35 MB | LINK:
Pin-Up Tome 10 - Le Dossier d'Alfred H..pdf | 54 MB | LINK:


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