Monday, August 1, 2016

Silver Moon Over Providence

Providence, New Hampshire. 1880 such a nice town that we would like to rest in the shade of the sycamore trees if there was not a slight downside, a tendency for people to go to death as quickly as violently ! That's a lot of problems in order for the sheriff James Redwall. For each ruminates the same question: who is responsible? The mayor hopes to make him find a culprit before the elections! And then, in addition to finding the dog heir of the victim, our sheriff has to take care of the beautiful Miss Cathy gattine, freshly arrived from Washington to inspect and evaluate the house of the deceased. But then he thinks he has seen it all, the lawyer can not imagine the cold sweats that are about to invade his nights. Screenplay & Drawing: Éric Hérenguel. Silver Moon Over Providence.
On a sunny autumn day, the beautiful Cathy Gatling arrived in Providence, small forest town, ostensibly for notarial evaluation of the old Spencer deceased estate. She met the Stuart sheriff, an honest, solid and charming, who immediately falls in love with her. By him around the corner, he takes her to the scene of "drama". For Spencer died in strange circumstances: barricaded home, he had time before being gutted, shoot two birds with buckshot on a mysterious assailant who did not leave a drop of blood. This murder is all the more inexplicable that the three cows Spencer were also gutted, and is now shredded in a tree, 3 meters above the ground! Cathy omen that his presence in the city is likely to last longer than expected, to the delight of Stuart who offered him to be his date at the ball fall. But other hallucinatory murder following the death of Spencer. The Stuart efficiency to solve this puzzle is then challenged by the population.


Silver Moon Over Providence T1 Children of the Abyss (2005) (Agarthy & Friends).cbr | 116 MB | LINK:
Silver Moon Over Providence T2 Rebirth (2008) (Agarthy & Friends).cbr | 117 MB | LINK:


Lune d'argent sur Providence V1 #1 (of 2) (2005).pdf | 72 MB | LINK:
Lune d'argent sur Providence V2 #2 (of 2) (2008).pdf | 71 MB | LINK:

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