Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Hollywood Detective

Hippolyte Fynn, a private detective living in Hollywood, saves the life of a writer, and is soon embroiled in the most exciting case of his career, for a killer is on the loose in Universal Studios. At the Hollywood Premier of the film “The Revenge of the Raven”, Amanda Benson, famous reporter of Spotlight Magazine, is murdered. And Hippolyte Fynn will run into several more surprises over the course of his investigation. Script: Rivière and Bocquet; Colors: Berthet and Topaze. The Hollywood Detective.
Who is hiding behind Miss Rutledge, posing as a writer intending to visit Wrightsville for inspiration? For whom is James Everett, a Yankee from Connecticut, trying to buy up a large number of movie theatres? Why is Hippolyte Finn, the detective from Hollywood, taking a trip on the Billionaire W. S. Bishop's yacht? What connection is there between Zelda van Dorn and the murder of W. S. Bishop's brother Walter? Questions upon questions, whose answers are to be found in the sleepy town of Wrightsville. Hippolyte Finn is about to take on the hardest case of his career.


The Hollywood Detective.cbr | 50 MB | LINK:
The Hollywood Detective - Amerika.cbr | 48 MB | LINK:
The Hollywood Detective - The Secret of Wrightsville.cbr | 44 MB | LINK:


Le Privé d'Hollywood - T01- Le privé d'Hollywood.cbr | 21 MB | LINK:
Le Privé d'Hollywood - T02 - Amerika.cbr | 21 MB | LINK:
Le Privé d'Hollywood - T03 - Retour de flamme.cbr | 23 MB | LINK:

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