Friday, August 19, 2016


Jonas Crow, undertaker, should convey the coffin of a former miner who became a millionaire to the vein that was once his fortune. A comic by Xavier Dorison and Ralph Meyer.
A funeral should be quiet, except for one detail: before dying, Joe Cusco swallowed his gold take her with him in eternity. No luck, the secret is out and causes the fury of minors Anoki City. How to let bury such a fortune as to survive, they sweat blood in the veins? As Jonas said, "death never comes alone". Jonas Crow, undertaker, Rose, English governess, and Lin, Chinese domestic, must bring the remains filled with gold lode of old Cusco.


Undertaker V1 The Gold Eater (2015) (Scanlation) (phillywilly).cbr | 70 MB | LINK:
Undertaker 02 - The Dance of the Vultures (F) (2015) (Scanlation) (phillywilly).cbr | 146 MB | LINK:


Undertaker - Tome 1 - Le Mangeur D'or.cbr | 66.1 MB | LINK:
Undertaker - Tome 2 - La Danse des Vautours.cbr | 30.6 MB | LINK:

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