Sunday, October 30, 2016


Theresa woke up to find herself changing into a monster. She's taken from her family and put into an internment camp with other kids going through the same thing. She is given a choice: she can surrender to becoming a mindless beast, or join Behemoth, a pack of creatures trained to kill for the U.S. government. But which choice will make her more of a monster?


Behemoth 001 (2015) (digital) (Son of Ultron-Empire).cbr | 34.5 MB | LINK:
Behemoth 002 (2015) (digital) (Son of Ultron-Empire).cbr | 28.74 MB | LINK:
Behemoth 003 (2015) (digital) (Son of Ultron-Empire).cbr | 27.65 MB | LINK:
Behemoth 004 (2015) (digital) (Son of Ultron-Empire).cbr | 29.16 MB | LINK:


Behemoth - Tome 1.cbr | 49.6 MB | LINK:

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