Friday, October 21, 2016


After having disappeared for over half a century, he has awoken again to discover that his fellow vampires and his enemies only want one thing: to kill him. But neither the light nor the darkness want Nosferatu, the Undead. He understands that his only weakness was to have once loved. He is Nosferatu, the monster who wanted to live like a man. A comic by Olivier Peru and Stefano Martino.
The first vampire awakens in present day Mumbai after being betrayed in 1945. He gathers his powers for his return and revenge. Also features flashbacks to his time in Caligula's Rome. Fairly standard, perhaps even cliched, vampire book, I certainly think I can see where it's going. But the whole thing comes together fairly nicely with the art to make for a very enjoyable read. There is a second volume. But that hasn't been scanned yet.


Nosferatu - Si Vis Pacem.cbr | 87.74 MB | LINK:
Nosferatu 02 - Para Bellum (2012, Peru-Martino) (2015, Scanlation).cbr | 71.45 MB | LINK:

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