Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Earthlings have occupied the known universe for a long time so that some worlds have forgotten their true origins ago. The planets that have kept a memory of the "trainers" have come together to form a Galactic Federation, while "Retroes" are worlds that have returned to an archaic way of life. The Federation hopes a delicate mission to his best agent to help a retro world called Almagiel to evolve. 
Retroworld is a rich science fiction saga adapted from the work of Julia Verlanger, one of the most famous authors of the French movement science fiction. Created by Patrick Galliano, Cedric Peyravernay.


Retroworld T01 - The Ways Of Almagiel (digital-onlyorm).cbr | 108.60 MB | LINK:
Retroworld Vol. 2 - The Hydras of Argolide (2014) (digital) (Minutemen-Mollylvr).cbr | 80.15 MB | LINK:


Horlemonde - Tome 1 - Les Voies d'Almagiel.cbr | 23.1 MB | LINK:
Horlemonde - Tome 2 - Les Hydres d'Argolide.cbr | 29 MB | LINK:


Horlemonde - Die Welt der Sternenbruderschaft.cbr | 156 MB | LINK:


RetroWorld 01 - Los Caminos De Almagiel.cbr | 30 MB | LINK:
RetroWorld 02 - Las Hidras De Argolide.cbr | 68 MB | LINK:

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