Saturday, October 1, 2016


In the near future, in a population crushed by a draconian regime where even suicide is prohibited, a woman fights for truth and for his survive. Lynn has no news of her husband left for routine mission in space for 8 weeks. Besides his desire to know what happened, she fights to survive: the salary of her husband was cut since his disappearance! Despite the room omerta, she manages to pull some information to her sister serving in ministry: the mission was hit by a virus, it's back on earth but all participants are in quarantine. A comic Eric Corbeyran and Grun.
The story reaches the ears of a journalist seditious, nosy and somewhat anarchist (therefore never published!) Decides to investigate through its contacts. He manages to learn, but is quickly stopped on suspicion of having sent the president a subversive book about the dictatorship as a children's story, where time has a big role to play, entitled METRONOM? The design and the colors are wonderful Grun to illustrate this stifling world where individuals, even deprived of hope, struggle to survive. A tetralogy of SF that evokes more than respectable references, such as Brazil, Blade Runner and Total Recall , the novels of Philip K. Dick, the SOS Bonheur Griffo series and Van Hamme? a deserved filiation, since the great Enki Bilal wished to preface this first volume!


Metronom' T1 Zero Tolerance (ReTran) (2001) (Sosich V2).cbr | 40.65 MB | LINK:
Metronom' T2 Orbital Station (2001) (Sosich V2).cbr | 38.99 MB | LINK:
Metronom' T3 Suicide Mission (2012) (Agarthy & Friends).cbr | 54.57 MB | LINK:
Metronom' T4 Psychic Virus (2014) (Agarthy & Friends).cbr | 43.65 MB | LINK:
Metronom' T5 Habeas Mentem (2015) (Sosich V2).cbr | 51.87 MB | LINK:


Metronom' - 01 - Tolérance zéro.cbr | 25 MB | LINK:
Metronom' - 02 - Station Orbitale.cbr | 24 MB | LINK:
Metronom' - 03 - Opération suicide.cbr | 25 MB | LINK:
Metronom' - 05 - Habeas Mentem.cbr | 79,24 MB | LINK:


Metronom - Band 4 - Psychovirus.cbr | 123.27 MB | LINK:

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