Thursday, October 20, 2016


Francis von Bloodt, vampire by profession, manages the family man Zombillénium Amusement Park. We do not hire anyone, at Zombillénium: mere mortals have only to go their way, here we only work with genuine werewolves, vampires and mummies. This is what will discover Aurélien, a man burnt out, deceived by his wife; and who will end up hiring him despite this strange business. Gretchen, trainee witch will help him take his first steps. A comic by Arthur De Pins.
A Cool 21 Century Adams Family type tale. A Monster theme park where, unknown to the public, the theme park staff are real Vampires, Ghosts and Monsters! A fabulous book with stylist and sophisticated imagery, smart and sharply defined characterisation and a very funny plot.


Zombillenium 1 - Gretchen (2013) (digital) (Urf the Manatee-Novus-HD).cbr | 42.3 MB | LINK:
Zombillenium 02 - Human Resources (2014) (Digital) (phillywilly-Empire).cbr | 44.39MB | LINK:
Zombillenium V3 - Control Freaks (2015) (Digital) (phillywilly-Empire).cbr | 21.74 MB | LINK:


Zombillenium - Volume 1.cbr | 58.2 MB | LINK:
Zombillenium - Volume 2.cbr | 61.6 MB | LINK:
Zombillenium - Volume 3.cbr | 39.9 MB | LINK:


Zombillenium 01 - Gretchen.cbr | 36 MB | LINK:
Zombillenium 02 - Recursos Humanos.cbr | 55 MB | LINK:
Zombillenium 03 - Control Freaks.cbr | 55 MB | LINK:

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