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For centuries, a powerful group that wants the defender of reality and rational humanity mercilessly stalking and eliminates all magical creatures. The survivors gathered in London under the protection of Merlin, but they were decimated and weakened. Their only hope would be to receive the help of the most powerful of them, the jinn. Alas, the race of jinn has disappeared from the face of the earth for a long time, but some believe it would remain a ... Nigel, an attractive young crook, ignores all of these issues. He continues to grant the wishes of its customers with an insolent success. Only downside: the crises of claustrophobia that strike regularly. But that would not be claustrophobic if he had spent a thousand years locked in a lamp? Script: Sébastien Latour | Design: Giulio De Vita.
Beautiful, young, rich and carefree, Nigel is the man who can fulfill the wishes of any Londoner, provided he paid cash and not be too curious. A simple and well-regulated life, until he discovers that it contains the "Wisher" djinn disappeared from human memory. But in the fairy world, no one has forgotten the only supernatural being big enough to cope with MI-10, special service dedicated to the extinction of the marvelous. The war begins!


Wisher - T01 - Nigel (Le Lombard 2008] (Darthscanner-DS-A Dragonz).cbr | 28.14MB | LINK:
Wisher - T02 - Feeërieken (Le Lombard 2008) (DarthScanner-madvillain).cbr | 24.70MB | LINK:
Wisher - T03 - Glee (Le Lombard 2009) (DarthScanner-madvillain).cbr | 27.31MB | LINK:
Wisher T04 - Bowler Hats and Cane Fairies (2010) (Dragonz with ollietheox).cbr | 31.38MB | LINK:


Wisher - Volume 1 - Il Sangue Del Drago.cbr | 77 MB | LINK:
Wisher - Volume 2 - Claustrofobia.cbr | 75.8 MB | LINK:
Wisher - Volume 1 - Nigel (A Colori).cbr | 64 MB | LINK:
Wisher - Volume 2 - Le Fate (A Colori).cbr | 61.1 MB | LINK:
Wisher - Volume 3 - Glee (A Colori).cbr | 64.9 MB | LINK:
Wisher - Volume 4 - Bombetta e Bacchetta Magica (A Colori).cbr | 59.4 MB | LINK:


Wisher V1 #1 (of 4) (2008).pdf | 45 MB | LINK:
Wisher V2 #2 (of 4) (2008).pdf | 43 MB | LINK:
Wisher V3 #3 (of 4) (2009).pdf | 46 MB | LINK:
Wisher V4 #4 (of 4) (2010).pdf | 42 MB | LINK:

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