Wednesday, October 19, 2016


This is a western-style mini-series set in the fictional land of Malaskar, wedged between Alaska & Siberia, during the early years of the 20th century. Unscrupulous businessmen have come to the region to exploit its great mineral wealth, build a megacity, and generally make an all-out assault on Nature. But Nature fights back. It's a tale of : Bonding between a human (boy) and an animal (eaglet) who have much in common. A comic by Benoit Sokal.
Kraa is the last of the sacred giant eagles which the Indian tribe of Lost Valley has revered since time immemorial.Yuma, an Indian child, is the last of his tribe, spared from a massacre only because he was away tending the wounded Kraa. They are spiritual twins, able to read each other's thoughts from any distance. Together, claw and arrow exact bloody revenge.Lost innocence because, in the process, Yuma becomes more like his eagle friend : killing quickly, without any emotion, beyond morality.


Kraa 01 - Lost Valley (Sokal, 2010) (version 2) (Scanlation, 2015).cbr | 137.87 MB | LINK:
Kraa 02 - Shadow of the Eagle (Sokal, 2012) (Scanlation, 2015).cbr | 79.42 MB | LINK:
Kraa 03 - The Storm's White Rage (Sokal, 2014) (Scanlation, 2015).cbr | 143.38 MB | LINK:


Kraa V1 #1 (of 3) (2010).pdf | 115 MB | LINK:
Kraa V2 #2 (of 3) (2012).pdf | 64 MB | LINK:

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