Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Campfire Graphic Novels


- Timeless literature faithfully adapted for today's readers. Campfire titles retain the flavor of each era and much of the prose penned by some of the greatest writers of all time, while simplifying the language to make these works more reader friendly across a range of ages.


- Drawn from vast libraries of epics, myths and legends from around the world, Campfire's renditions lend modern-day relevance to ancient tales, while the graphic novel format makes lasting impressions.


- New characters and intriguing plots for the burgeoning graphic novels market. Parents, teachers and librarians will feel comfortable with the language, images and themes in these heart-racing stories.


Perseus - Destiny's Call (Campfire 2011) (GN) (Pudgy-DCP).cbr | 66.75MB | LINK:
400 BC - The Story of the Ten Thousand (Campfire 2011) (Pudgy).cbr | 62.72MB | LINK:
The Lost Continent (Campfire 2010) (GN) (Pudgy-DCP).cbr | 58.85MB | LINK:
The Land That Time Forgot (Campfire 2010) (GN) (Pudgy-DCP).cbr | 63.78MB | LINK:
The People That Time Forgot (Campfire 2010) (GN) (Pudgy-DCP).cbr | 59.21MB | LINK:
Ravana - Roar Of The Demon King (Campfire 2011) (GN) (Pudgy-DCP).cbr | 70.87MB | LINK:
Krishna (Campfire 2013) (Lila108).cbr | 206.27 MB | LINK:
Draupadi (Campfire 2012) (Lila108).cbr | 244.39MB | LINK:

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