Thursday, February 9, 2017


Ireland, Ulster Province, XII century AD. The first night in November. Night of Samhain, the night when there are mysterious trail that connects our world with the world of magical creatures and gods from the time of the heroes that have passed long ago. Korrigans. A comic created by Emmanuel Civiello and Thomas Mosdi.


Korrigans T01 - Children of Night (2008) (Dragonz-DarthScanner-DMT).cbz | 34.90MB | LINK:
Korrigans T02 - Warriors of The Darkness (2008) (DarthScanner-DMT).cbz | 37.16MB | LINK:
Korrigans T03 - The People Of Dana (2007) (Dragonz).cbr | 36.39MB | LINK:
Korrigans T04 - The Lord of Chaos (2008) (Dragonz).cbz | 38.98MB | LINK:


Korrigans 1-3.rar | 78.04 MB | LINK:

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