Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Red Ketchup

Red Ketchup is a fictional character of the Quebec comic , created by Pierre Fournier and Réal Godbout. Steve "Red" Ketchup is an agent of the FBI who discovers cocaine during an investigation where he continues Raul Escobar, a major drug trafficker. It will quickly become poly-addicted, and the abuse of harmful substances will make it almost invulnerable, violent to the point of becoming a danger to society and a headache for its own bosses. The hero albino, still wearing a powder blue suit and sunglasses, was loosely inspired by Jack Lord ( Hawaii 5-0 ) and Michael Murphy ( Brewster McCloud ) 7 . Ketchup is a veteran of the Vietnam War.


Red Ketchup 1.cbz | 28.65MB | LINK:
Red Ketchup 2.cbr | 25.25MB | LINK:


Red Ketchup T01.cbz | 22 MB | LINK:
Red Ketchup T02.cbz | 26 MB | LINK:
Red Ketchup T03.cbz | 26 MB | LINK:
Red Ketchup - Tome 5 - Le couteau azteque.cbz | 62 MB | LINK:
Red Ketchup - Tome 6 - L'oiseau aux sept surfaces.cbz | 62 MB | LINK:
Red Ketchup - Tome 7 - Echec au King.cbz | 62 MB | LINK:

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