Monday, February 13, 2017

Bang Bang

You do not have to push: you can be very beautiful, know how to use and abuse your charms in any situation, when you scam Al Capone himself, you can expect that the atmosphere turns to the " thunderstorm. Its name is the Cicca, but everyone calls it Bang-Bang. A name that pushes crime. And it continues ! After scamming Al Capone himself, the beautiful Cicca escaped to Mexico, with a horde of wicked soldiers, two lovers of the heart, and a band of bandits more attracted by the dollars than by the Revolution. Arriba arriba! An adult gangster comic created by Carlos Trillo & Jordi Bernet.


Bang Bang T01 (Jordi Bernet) (English).cbr | 30.22MB | LINK:
Bang Bang T02 - Viva Mexico (Jordi Bernet) (English).cbr | 29.30MB | LINK:
Bang Bang T03 - Queens of the Savanna (Jordi Bernet) (English).cbr | 25.58MB | LINK:

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