Saturday, February 11, 2017

Thomas Ott Assorted Collections

There aren't many comix artists from German-speaking countries whose work has been translated into other languages. Luckily, the Swiss artist Thomas Ott makes wordless scratchboard comix, which helps in making his work known in the rest of the world. Born in Berne, Ott studied at the Kunstgewerbeschule in Zurich and began working in the independent comics scene in the second half of the 1980s. His work was published in various European magazines, including Ahai, Hochparterre, Okay Erotik Magazin, Strapazin, Tagesanzeiger-Magazin and Weltwoche in Switzerland, Boxer, Geo-Spezial, Süddeutsche Zeitung and Tempo in Germany, as well as El Vibora in Spain and Bulles Dingues, Culte, L'Écho des Savanes, Libération, Stronx and Vogue in France. 
The titles of his books, like 'Tales of Error' and 'Hellville, Tales from the Edge', already suggest that he is fond of the darker sides of life, which he depicts in his books with painstaking clarity. Since 1995, he is a regular contributor to Lapin, the publication of the French publisher L'Association (he has lived in Paris since 1990). Among his other books are 'Cinema Panopticum', 'Greetings from Hellville' and 'The Number 73304-23-4153-6-96-8'. The multi-talented Thomas Ott makes animations, was the lead singer of a band called The Playboys, and on top of this, he makes political satires, comics and caricatures for various newspapers and magazines.


Thomas Ott - Cinema Panopticum (by Gloucester-CRG).cbr | 17.73MB | LINK:
The Waters of Dead Moon 01-05 (from Heavy Metal).cbr | 149.45MB | LINK:
Thomas Ott - Greetings from Hellville (1995) (Edition Moderne).cbr | 19.14MB | LINK:
Thomas Ott - Tales of Error (1989) (Edition Moderne).cbr | 15.85MB | LINK:
Thomas Ott - The Customs (La douane) (1996) (L'Association).cbr | 3.64MB | LINK:
Thomas Ott - The Number 73304-23-4153-6-96-8 (2008) (Edition Moderne).cbr | 42.64MB | LINK:


Dead End - One Shot.cbr | 19.15 MB | LINK:


  1. Hello my friend and thanks again for your work.

    Just a little correction. Maybe you put it here by mistake but "The Waters of Dead Moon" is a very nice comic but not from Thomas Ott but from Phillipe Adamov and Patrick Gothias and the original french name is "Les Eaux de Mortelune" and it is completed in 10 tomes. The version you put here is from heavy metal magazine and is the English translation of the first 5 tomes. I dont think the other are translated. Just saying it and maybe give you an idea for your next post!

    1. Hi. Thank you for your useful correction mate. :D

  2. hello and greetings.. i'm realy appreciated that you put those marvelous noir fictions by ott.. i was searching for them and im relieved that found them here...