Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Jerry Mail

Jerry Mail is a series of comic book adventure and action featuring the stunt Jerry Mail in a series of investigations. Stuntman and animator of shows, Jerry Mail is contacted by a Don Lucas who entrusts him with a mission: to find and bring back a safe by means of an important reward. During his attempts to get his hands on the famous chest, Jerry Mail crosses the road of Delph, agent of the FLEA (Federal police) which confirms to him belonging to the mafia of Don Lucas, great sponsor of the organized crime. Jerry and Delph will join forces to put Don Luca out of harm's way, including storming the Mafia godfather's fortress. Screenplay: Joachim Diaz (Volume 2), Yves Le Hir (Volume 1). Drawings: Joachim Diaz.
In A Time to Die a conflict between the warrior empire Zu Chon Rei to peaceful Jatta. The leaders of the planet Jatta decide to shelter one of the symbols of their people, their future princess. Learning that, the Zu CHon Rei decides to hire a mercenary terrorist, the Baron, who sets up a team to find and liquidate the future princess. The team includes a certain DJ Kobb with superhuman physique and ability to generate holograms, and Mr. Van Liemt, a billionaire using such sophisticated and deadly weapons. For its part, the FLEA groups its best agents, including Jerry Mail in a special team in charge of protecting the princess: the Bad Company. The confrontation is inevitable.


Jerry Mail T01 - Protection Assuree (Soleil 2000) (Diaz-le Hir).cbz | 16.97MB | LINK:
Jerry Mail T02 - A Time to Die (Diaz-Le.Hir).cbz | 45.63MB | LINK:

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