Sunday, February 12, 2017

A Real Woman

Walthery puts tremendous effort into his erotic comics, which makes them eminently readable. Imagine that you wake up. You get out of a long sleep and you feel weird. You notice that your hair is long and silky. You look at your hands and they are finer, your nails are long and manicured. At the first words you pronounce, your voice sounds strange to your ears, it is more acute. You get up slowly, your head turns, and when you bend down to put on your slippers, a double cushion is wedged between your chest and your knees interrupting your movement. Your hand tries to clear the obstacle and you notice that the cushions are made of soft and fragrant flesh. 
The mirror on which you rush gives you the image of a girl with long curved legs, fine waist and perfect chest. But now you are called Antoine, and until recently you were a most natural man, an eternal mistress of pretty girls, a lover of women, of all women. A Real Woman (Une femme dans la peau / Johanna) created by François Walthéry.


A Real Woman T01 (Boomerang 2001) (JJ).cbr | 16.90MB | LINK:
A Real Woman T02 (Boomerang 2002) (JJ).cbr | 25.77MB | LINK:
A Real Woman T03 (Joker 2002).cbr | 35.35MB | LINK:
A Real Woman T04 - Johanna - Lady of the Sands (Joker 2005) (JJ - Dragonz).cbr | 29.34MB | LINK:

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