Sunday, December 3, 2017


"Adolf has shot Kennedy, who is sinking Titanic, responsible for the end of the grunge music, and discovered that Monica Lewinsky is actually Dr. Mengele, who has kidnapped Hermione to breed a new super breed ... ". This is how Walter Moers himself collects parts of the "plot" of this second strip collection about Adolf Hitler. He's right, it really does not matter, as one follows the other of the ten disasters. With his time-travel helmet, the funny dictator can be pushed out of the epicenter of the horror again and again after the desired or unwanted three times knocking on the helmet - only to bring about the next disaster. Even Godfather does not succeed in stopping him. When he is finally on his way to Russia with his Hermione, the reader knows. A satire comic by Walter Moers.
Again, a "satirical act" as a reviewer praised the first part? Then something terribly comical would have to be found in the strip, something that also illuminates an illuminating light on the subject of satire. I do not see that. I see the pleasure of absurd confusion of known events. What emerges is a kind of blood sausage. Either you like blood sausage, or you do not like it. If it is pursued by Prof. Pickel and holds his brain between two microwave accelerators (substitute everyday drugs), one may find his bright pleasure. Above all, probably to be allowed to laugh at a tabuthema - where is it still there? In a nutshell, a purposeful Hitlercomic leads to the market of the odds being given another product: "Oh do shit ..!" 


Adolf 01 - A Symbolic Evening.cbr | 0.9 MB | LINK:
Adolf 02 - In Hell's Kitchen with Dr. Biolek.cbr | 2.0 MB | LINK:
Adolf 03 - Sins From the Past.cbr | 1.9 MB | LINK:
Adolf 04 - The German Patient.cbr | 1.9 MB | LINK:
Adolf 05 - The F├╝gitive.cbr | 2.0 MB | LINK:
Adolf 06 - Sex in Space.cbr | 1.9 MB | LINK:
Adolf 07 - Big in Japan.cbr | 1.9 MB | LINK:

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