Sunday, December 17, 2017

Non Album Collection 85

Beautiful Death - One-shot (2011)

Unclassifiable, dreamlike and simply beautiful post-apocalyptic tale about a handful of people trying to survive on the deserted streets of a huge metropolis... Note: Patrick Swayze is shown as the characters are watching Dirty Dancing in one panel.

Bastien Vives - To my Eyes

Dans Mes Yeux (In My Eyes), 2009, Casterman: On the surface, the plot of Dans Mes Yeux isn't revolutionary. A guy meets a girl, they go home together, she leaves the next morning. Where it is different, is that the narrative is told entirely from the view of the male protagonist. Vives is constantly experimenting and as well as using techniques where the images get blurred as the protagonist's concentration wavers, the art here is composed from pencil crayons and looks pretty stunning for it.

Auclair - The Story of Pointed-Nose and the Three-Legged-Wolf

The stories tell about mountain-men and early pioneers in the "west", of the times before civilization ended all. When GRIZZLY was published in Kuifje/Tintin in early 1971 the big audience was not ready for this story. An album-publication according to the 44, and 46 pages principle could be realized in 1976, when Auclair had made The Story Of "Pointed-Nose" And The "Three-Legged-Wolf" (LE LÉGENDE DE NEZ POINTU ET DE TROIS-PATTES LE LOUP/Gebroken-Neus en Drie-poot-de-wolf).


Beautiful Death - One-shot (2011) (L169-DBT).cbr | 141.63MB | LINK:
Bastien Vives - To my Eyes (Dragonz-Kakanian).cbr | 23.90MB | LINK:
Auclair - The Story of Pointed-Nose and the Three-Legged-Wolf (scanlation) (English).cbr | 33.75MB | LINK:

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