Saturday, December 23, 2017

Non Album Collection 88

Dusk - Poor Tom (2000)

Three agents turn up in the small town of Salem to investigate the deaths of four people who died on the same night under strange circumstances. This is a rather unusual event for such a small town whose residents seem a bit too keen on forgetting this tragic night. It soon becomes clear that the victims are not missed, and it is in an even more charged atmosphere that the investigators slowly uncover the terrible secret that uites the population of Salem. A chilling and disturbing graphic novel thriller.

Choose Your Game

A computer game becomes to reality thriller.

Driftings - Dérives by Andreas

Dérives is a collection of short stories, written by different authors but all illustrated by Andreas. All these stories are very different from each other, in terms of their atmosphere and themes. Andreas's friends, each wrote a short story.


Dusk - Poor Tom (2000) (Bunny).cbr | 20.27MB | LINK:
Choose Your Game.cbr | 58.76MB | LINK:
Driftings - Dérives by Andreas (English Scanlation VSB).cbr | 19.98MB | LINK:

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