Friday, December 29, 2017

Non Album Collection 91

Never Again T1 - Light City (2003)

To brighten the suffering of the condemned. This was the duty Angelely Lynch had assigned himself after witnessing the execution of his parents. This truth which is his, he will push it to the point of absurdity. Until he feels the ground shirking under his feet, moment from which he will let himself be won by total estrangement. Anchored in his new phobias, he wanders aimlessly when faced with what has become his worst nightmare. A click occurs. Meanwhile, on an island with idyllic appearances is hidden a penitentiary for women that does not seem to have legal existence. Which report ? None, until fate decides otherwise. 

Pinocchia (Eurotica 1996)

The cover speak itself.

Robinsonia (Eurotica 1999)

The cover speak itself.


Never Again T1 - Light City (2003) (Alice-JJ).cbz | 22.73MB | LINK:
Pinocchia (Eurotica 1996) (Pudgy-DCP).cbr | 28.62MB | LINK:
Robinsonia (Eurotica 1999) (Pudgy).cbr | 36.07MB | LINK:

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