Friday, December 1, 2017

Non Album Collection 80

Moebius - I am not Batman (1995)

In 1994 Moebius submitted a short Batman comic to DC Comics, who quickly rejected the work and refused to pay Moebius for any of it. So he re-worked the comic, presumably in a more humorous style, and published it as “I Am Not Batman” with Penthouse Comix.

Benek Dampc and The Neighbour's Corpse

A Polish comic.

Burma Chronicles (2008)

Burma Chronicles (French: Chroniques Birmanes), is a 2007 Canadian graphic novel written and illustrated by Guy Delisle. Burma Chronicles is a travelogue about Delisle's time spent in Burma with his young son, Louis, and his wife, Nadège, an administrator for Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF). Originally written in French, the book was translated into English by Helge Dascher and published by Drawn and Quarterly in 2008.


Moebius - I am not Batman (1995) (Minutemen-Ion).cbr | 7.40MB | LINK:
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Burma Chronicles (2008) (Minutemen-DTs).cbz | 142.55MB | LINK:

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  1. Is there any more Guy Delisle's Books???
    I want to read 'Hostage' by Guy.