Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Non Album Collection 90

Lord of Burger T1 - The Spice Garden (English) (2010)

When you run a 3-star restaurant, you do not have the right to make mistakes. And the great Alessandro Caprese is not an easy leader. It's not his killer who will say the opposite. Following the murder of their father, Ambre and Arthur inherit a debt of several million euros. Therefore, no choice but to take over the family restaurant. But the Amber thing is sculpture and Arthur's, the fast food. Too bad, it will roll up the sleeves, because the fortune depends on the famous red guide and its critics. And the inspector must come from one moment to the next.

Hand to Hand (Glenat 1993)

Those who appreciate the drawings of Ana Mirall├Ęs will be a little surprised by those of this album, which do not correspond to those of the Djinn series for example. A little more angular, with vignettes also larger, less details, that's what we can say. For all that, the pencil of Ana is always quite pleasant but the style is a little different. As for history, when things are not suggested in Djinn, here it is not the case. No possible misunderstanding or under-mention. 

Marlene (2006)

A lurking terror has infected the town of Malborg. Madness and death haunt the luminous Scandinavian nights, and the victims all seem to have one thing in common: their lust for the voluptous Marlene. As he investigates, ace detective Michael Joergendsen must navigate a dangerous course between his official duties and his own growing fixation with the young woman. Is he on the trail of a supernatural killer, or is it the other way around? And the beautiful Marlene - is she the innocent victim of an obsessive stalker, or is she something more sinister?


Lord of Burger T1 - The Spice Garden (English) (2010) (Alice).cbz | 27.20MB | LINK:
Hand to Hand (Glenat 1993).cbr | 20.21MB | LINK:
Marlene (2006) (fixed) (Wezz-DCP).cbr | 14.71MB | LINK:

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