Friday, December 15, 2017

Non Album Collection 84

Sam Pezzo, P.I. T01 (Catalan 1987)

With a dark mustache, high forehead, a smoke jammed in his yap, Sam works the mean streets of a suitably bleak Bologna, a "shitpile of a city." He does collections and other assorted small jobs for various suitably seedy clients. Sam seems to swear quite a bit, but this may be the result of a bad attempt at rendering American tough guy talk into an Italian comic strip.

Sexy Fun Strips (1998)

An adult comedy comic created by Gurcan Gursel.

Requiem Claudia Special

Sub-series of Requiem chevalier vampire. Also known as: Claudia - der Vampirritter (German). Claudia: de vampierridder (Dutch).


Sam Pezzo, P.I. T01 (Catalan 1987) (bizon & MickRC).cbr | 69.99MB | LINK:
Sexy Fun Strips (1998).cbr | 47.99MB | LINK:
Requiem Claudia Special (Scanlation of La porte des Enfers).cbr | 21.16MB | LINK:

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