Thursday, April 7, 2016

Alim the Tanner

Alim the Tanner is a series of comic of heroic fantasy. Formerly men were suffering, abandoned by the gods and threatened from all sides. A man Jésameth, decided to brave the ocean that delimited the world knew, saying that the gods who had forgotten humanity lived on an island across the water of infinite extent. Armed with a torque, a helmet and a sword forged specifically for him so that he may be worthy to stand before the gods, he braved the ocean and eventually reach the island where he reminded the gods existence of men, that they had forgotten. 
The men then realized that the gods remembered them through Jésameth. It is this doctrine that the empire Jésamethain was based, led by his holy church and seeking to convert all people to their religion, a religion that prohibits defile the sacred areas that are the sky and the sea, that whether with toys (kites) or boats. The empire is based on a complex caste system and religious have all the powers, praising their savior by sacrificing the "barbarians" of the territories conquered in their thirst for expansion and wealth. Scenario: Wilfried Lupano. Drawing: Virginia Augustin.


Alim the Tanner 01 - The Water's Secret.7z | 13 MB | LINK:
Alim the Tanner 02 - The Winds of Exile.7z | 12 MB | LINK:
Alim the Tanner 03 - The Land of the Pale Prophet.7z | 16 MB | LINK:
Alim the Tanner 04 - The place where gazes glow.7z | 19 MB | LINK:


Alim el curtidor-1 El secreto de las aguas.cbr | 34.7 MB | LINK:
Alim el curtidor-2 Viento del exilio.cbr | 29.2 MB | LINK:
Alim el curtidor-3 La tierra del profeta palido.cbr | 36.4 MB | LINK:


Alim Le Tanneur V1 #1 (of 4) (2004).pdf | 30.3 MB | LINK:
Alim Le Tanneur V2 #2 (of 4) (2006).pdf | 28.9 MB | LINK:
Alim Le Tanneur V3 #3 (of 4) (2007).pdf | 35.6 MB | LINK:
Alim Le Tanneur V4 #4 (of 4) (2009).pdf | 55.4 MB | LINK:

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