Saturday, April 30, 2016

A Bullet in the Head

Screenplay: Eric Corbeyran | Design: Jef (Jean-François Martinez). During violent clashes between the IRA and the security forces, the leader of a Catholic splinter group was hit by a bullet in the head and falls into a coma. His brother, violent and thoughtless requires retaliation. Angus, undercover cop, tries to help put the city with fire and blood, while the lovely Dara hides a dark secret all. 
The 70's, Belfast. The English police and the IRA multiply clashes in the heart of the city. It is in this context of war for his country or religion that Angus has joined the Catholic splinter group led by two brothers, Nick and Graham. If the first is a leader loved by his men and intelligent, the second is that violence as a solution. So when Nick is affected by the stray bullet of a policeman, bloody reprisals ahead. Because the projectile will remain stuck in the head of the elder, and out of the coma is hypothetical. Angus, mysterious character bruised in the past, with no real belief in a state where everyone is fighting for his god, will have to appeal to his own convictions, those that shaped the country long before the birth of religions.


A Bullet in the Head T1 Angus (2009) (Gagi&Sosich&V2).cbr | 46 MB | LINK:
A Bullet in the Head T2 Dara (2010) (Gagi&Sosich&V2).cbr | 41 MB | LINK:


Une balle dans la tête V1 #1 (of 2) (2009).pdf | 49 MB | LINK:
Une balle dans la tête V2 #2 (of 2) (2010).pdf | 46 MB | LINK:

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