Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Treasure Hunters

The year 808 in Baghdad during the reign of Caliph Harun al-Rashid. The corporation treasure seekers met in his underground lair, and the executioner of the Caliph shows others a piece of gold found in the pocket of a type he has to perform. This piece has a special trick: she has no shadow. And she is not alone. The Heretic, flour merchant by trade, has no shadow either. It is stolen by strange beings who walked inside his soul, one night in the ruins of Castle Mug. 
As the shadow of a man is a precious thing, the treasure hunters decide to find the thief who is none other than the Prophet Veiled. It is said that in fact he was seventy-two faces and can change at will. They say he is hiding because he is a leper, and the executioner said he saw die by fire. But they say so many things. The city does come out of the Night? What threat to the princess Diya? What looks like the face of the Prophet, may he take the throne of the Caliph dancing? Screenplay and Picture: David B. (David Beauchard). The Treasure Hunters.


The Treasure Hunters_1-God's_Shadow.7z | 20 MB | LINK:
The Treasure Hunters_2-The_Cold_City.7z | 17 MB | LINK:


Les Chercheurs de Trésor V1 #1 (of 2) (2003).pdf | 27 MB | LINK:
Les Chercheurs de Trésor V2 #2 (of 2) (2004).pdf | 26 MB | LINK:

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