Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Honor of a Tzarom

The Honor of a Tzarom is an adventure bande dessinee. Wilfrid Lupano (writer). Paul Cauuet (artist, colors). Published by Delcourt, 2010-2011.
The Tzarom form a family of intergalactic crooks. But now Lubna, the mother and the appointed brain of the band, finds himself behind bars, flanked by a young lawyer assigned. This last sentence in the case, little helped by his atypical customers waiting trial in the most total indifference unless this is one of those sneaky shots whose family secret! Tony Tzarom is a gypsy, a true rogue as it should be but right in his boots. And he knows what he has to do to protect his family, even if it means to tamper left to right and run some risks. I must say it has no equal for taking things philosophically, as the young learn quickly appointed lawyer who has the difficult task of ensuring the defense of Tony's wife, that -There even appearing at gunpoint on too many surveillance cameras. from SF to the gypsy fashion, why not, he was thinking.


The Honor of a Tzarom #1 - Family Units (2010) (Alice-GP).cbz | 29,57 MB | LINK:
The Honor of a Tzarom #2 - The Exfiltration Theorem (2011) (Alice-GP).cbz | 37,73 MB | LINK:


L'Honneur des Tzarom V1 #1 (of 2) (2010).pdf | 52.1 MB | LINK:
L'Honneur Des Tzarom V2 #2 (of 2) (2011).pdf | 48.0 MB | LINK:


  1. Hello, i've noticed that the major arcana # 6 strange days missed, then it will thereby recover? And about the series arcanes, will have a version that can be downloaded or read?

    1. Hi, we've updated no.6 on major arcana, and it's CBR file format. Actually there are other ways to read CBR file instead PDF's. First you download it on your computer/gadget and then read it using multi format reader (CBR/CBZ/PDF) tools. Or convert it from CBR to PDF using third party tools. Just google it and those tools free we think. Hope it helps you out. Thx

    2. Thanks for the update. The download and use of multi-format reader devices have it, i use it always, there's nothing wrong with it. With regard to the arcane is the main problem that simply cannot be downloaded. There is no way. There are two download button, the middle one white, the other in the upper right, and none of them work. The download is the main problem.

    3. To avoid misunderstanding, i can not download the arcana series (1-10).

    4. Hi, I just figured out what's the main problem is. And the thing is about Box monthly bandwidth excessed quota download problem. Now, pls try out the links, I just download it successfully. :)