Friday, April 1, 2016


Lilith is a comic created by Luca Enoch and published by Sergio Bonelli Editore. The protagonist is Lilith, a cronoagente or more precisely a cronokiller sent in time, each time in a different historical period, to trace certain persons and save humanity from destruction the future. Are highlighted anxieties about a girl who has to face alone a difficult and important, but at the same time morally objectionable, since it could for example have to kill innocent people or even give themselves sexually to achieve its objectives. The success of the mission, also, for a time paradox , would preclude the meeting in the basement of his parents and negate the very existence of the protagonist 'temporally' that started, preventing a return home at the end of the mission.
In the distant future the human race is forced to live underground because the Triacanto, an alien parasite, exterminate anyone outdoors. This is lived hidden in some human bodies for thousands of years, until finally develop in Great Germination.
Lyca is a girl trained since childhood to hunt down and destroy all traces of Triacanto in the past, before the Great Germination, in order to avoid the bleak future of humanity. Has inhuman powers that lead her to be called with the name of Lilith and is accompanied by Dark, his leadership aether, that only she can see and hear, and that has the form of a quadruped halfway between a dog and a tiger with black fur.


Lilith 01 - The Sign of the Triacanto.7z | 28 MB | LINK:
Lilith 02 - The Banner of King Death.7z | 32 MB | LINK:
Lilith 03 - The Stony Front.7z | 42 MB | LINK:
Lilith 04 - Ride with the Devil.7z | 34 MB | LINK:
Lilith 05 - The Bearskin Cloak.7z | 33 MB | LINK:
Lilith 06 - The Monkey King.7z | 43 MB | LINK:
Lilith 07 - Mistress of the Games.7z | 46 MB | LINK:
Lilith 08 - The Grand Battle.7z | 54 MB | LINK:
Lilith 09 -The Floating World.7z | 42 MB | LINK:


Lilith #1: El Signo Del Triacanto.cbr | 123 MB | LINK:
Lilith #2: El Estandarte del Rey Muerte.cbr | 137 MB | LINK:
Lilith #3: El Frente de Piedra.cbr | 130 MB | LINK:
Lilith #4: Cabalgando con el Diablo.cbr | 145 MB | LINK:
Lilith #5: La Piel del Oso.cbr | 185 MB | LINK:
Lilith #6: El Rey de los Monos.cbr | 104 MB | LINK:
Lilith #7: La Señora de los Juegos.cbr | 105 MB | LINK:
Lilith #8: La Gran Batalla.cbr | 113 MB | LINK:
Lilith #9: El Mundo Flotante.cbr | 100 MB | LINK:
Lilith #10: El Corazón de las Tinieblas.cbr | 109.3 MB | LINK:


Lilith 001 Il Segno Del Triacanto.cbr | 93.7 MB | LINK:
Lilith - Volume 10 - Cuore di Tenebra.cbr | 89 MB | LINK:


  1. Really a great job for what you did!

    Please reup Spanish #1 - #8 as their links are all dead

    Thank you

  2. Hi.. Great job on this title. Will we get an English translation for Volume 10 anytime soon?
    Thank you.

  3. any chance of getting the rest of the tomes in Italian at least?