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Nobody is safe from a deadly encounter. In the south, a service station. Two men intersect by chance. The big surprise for one of the two when it recognizes that other client. This is a sensible man dying for the simple reason that he is the murderer! Faced with this situation incongruous and panic, he fled but his 'victim' alive the chases and eventually murder. Screenplay: Eric Corbeyran | Design: Olivier Berlion.
Ellipse, 10 years later. Man, Martial, fifties, a former policeman, accidentally discovers in the basement of his dead best friend (Remi), documents (identity card, hunting license and possession of a weapon) belonging to an unknown man of him . He remembers that it was in this cave that Martial, Remi and two other accomplices (René and Frantz) fomented them not combine very legit but remunerative. In fact their plan was to flush out a passing fool in the region by offering a hunt. The staging was simple: one of them was playing the victim accidentally killed by the pigeon and to obtain the silence of the hunting party, it went to the cashier and quickly from there déguerpissait! Martial possibly covering the scam through its watchdog status. Until then everything had worked. Until that fateful day in the service station! Intrigued, Martial does not understand that these documents are still in Remi. Besides it he would he concealed certain facts? Who owned these documents? Is there a relationship with their former combines? Garrigue.


Garrigue T01 - Nobody's Safe [2008] [L169].cbr | 73 MB | LINK:
Garrigue T02 - Nobody's Safe [2008] [L169-DBT].cbr | 73 MB | LINK:


Garrigue V1 #1 (of 2) (2008).pdf | 44 MB | LINK:
Garrigue V2 #2 (of 2) (2008).pdf | 44 MB | LINK:

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