Friday, April 15, 2016

The Potamoks

The Potamoks is a series of comics. Scenario: Joann Sfar. Designs and colors: José-Luis Munuera. 
When professor Asclepios decides to go on the oceans in search of higher beings, it raises that doubt and ridicule. Yet his small boat soon crosses a titanic ship. a board, beings of unknown race: the Potamoks.


The Potamoks_01 - Terra Incognita.7z | 16 MB | LINK:
The Potamoks_02 - The Red Fountain.7z | 15 MB | LINK:
The Potamoks_03 - The Desert and Us.7z | 15 MB | LINK:


Les Potamoks T2 - Les Fontaines Rogues.pdf | 16 MB | LINK:

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