Saturday, April 2, 2016


A hilarious Viking epic written by the creator of Okko! The children of a counter story must travel the world in search of new stories to tell the great chief of his village or die trying! Accompanied by a captain of arms longship take a barbarian berserker and a boy too smart for his age, the adventures of these two warriors are served. To meet a cruel Viking king, two brothers go in search of a famous storyteller. 
One who fail will perish. A chase without thank you therefore commits. On one side is Skeggi accoquine with bloody Roald Borgne. On the other, Sligand boarded the Aslak, the most pitiful longship kingdom controlled by the reckless Brynhild. Their search looks very dangerous. Screenplay: Hub and Fred Weytens; Drawing: Emmanuel Michalak. Aslak.


Aslak T01 - Eye of the World [2011] [L169-DBT].cbr | 57 MB | LINK:
Aslak T02 - The Middle Mast [2013] [L169-Koala].cbr | 69 MB | LINK:


Aslak - T1 - L'oeil du monde.cbr | 58.9 Mb | LINK:
Aslak - 03 - Le milieu du Mât.cbr | 23.6 Mb | LINK:


Aslak (Tomo 1): El Ojo Del Mundo.cbr | 125 MB | LINK:


Aslak - Band 1 - Das Auge der Welt.cbr | 106,06 MB | LINK:
Aslak - Band 2 - Der Mittelmast.cbr | 135,80 MB | LINK:


  1. Brilliant, thanks. Is there any way of telling when you've added new issues to old posts?

    1. There's an NEW small icon on the left side as a mark of new issues in old posts. It's the only way right now. I wish there's any other ways but until then pls just keep browsing this blog. Thx :)

  2. I was just wondering the same thing. It might be a bit more work, but perhaps an "updated this month" tag when new parts are added? This site has been a marvelous find!!!

  3. number 3-4 would be great