Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Dave Cooper’s Weasel Books

The first plates tell of the evening spent with a specimen of female adipose and stupid model: Cooper gives to see in parallel the trembling grease of the girl and the irrepressible excitement of the draftsman. What could be a new immodest introspection soon becomes a meticulously orchestrated descent into hell. 
Then come three boards of the Encyclopedia nonsensica : this time, the trembling hatchings have given way to a vegetal design, rich in detail and alveoli, full of relief and volume. The fabulous plants of the encyclopedia are abundantly dissected by three pages of explanatory texts that are rigorously incomprehensible, since Cooper pushed vice to invent a complete writing: three boards, which will delight the readers of Borgès, and who seem to have fallen from space.
Then, Cooper leaves room for Patrick McEown, who delivers an astonishing ten-page story with No Escape - but it should be said: an astonishing narrative of four stories, since the pages do not read linearly but vertically. The readability of the result is not maximum, but the inventiveness is striking (Fred had already used this kind of freedom of construction in Philemon , and Benoît Peeters analyzes the process in Case, Plate, Narrative : with No Escape ,
Finally Cooper loops the first issue of Weasel with a dreamy and confusing narrative in which we find his drawing almost "intestinal" (no, I do not exaggerate, this guy always seems to be drawing guts). 


Dave Cooper - Weasel_T1.zip | 28.7 MB | LINK: http://festyy.com/qXeesT
Dave Cooper - Weasel_T2.zip | 20.2 MB | LINK: http://festyy.com/qXeelM
Dave Cooper - Weasel_T3.zip | 18.2 MB | LINK: http://festyy.com/qXerlS

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