Friday, July 28, 2017

Non Album Collection 20

Bernet - Kraken

Kraken is a Spanish comics series, written by Antonio Segura and drawn by Jordi Bernet, first published in the magazine Metropol in 1983. The stories are centered on protagonist Lieutenant Dante, a policeman in a dystopic society patrolling the violent sewers of the fictional city Metropol.

Pandamonia 01 - Bestial Chaos (2011)

Year 2315. The Multinational Erosgen avoided the total extinction of humanity on Earth. How? By a revolutionary genetic process, marketed on a planetary scale, which provides for the incorporation of animal genes into human DNA. But if the sexual capacities are increased, it is observed that the animal part inevitably takes the ascendancy on the human part of the individuals ... What good to allow men to reproduce if it is to become wild beasts?

Moebius - 40 Days In the Desert B or The Strategy Of Dementia

Seemingly based around “The temptation of Christ”. 40 Days in the Desert is Jean Giraud's psychedelic masterpiece in monochrome.


Bernet - Kraken (translation) (relieta and data9724-DCP).cbr | 176.31MB | LINK:
Pandamonia 01 - Bestial Chaos (2011) (Tarutaru-Novus & citizen pain).cbr | 176.31MB | LINK:
Moebius - 40 Días en el Desierto B.cbr.cbr | 91.8MB | LINK:

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