Friday, July 7, 2017

The Terrible Pope

The Terrible Pope is a series of French historical comic strips written by Alejandro Jodorowsky, designed by Theo and colorized by Sébastien Gérard and Florent Bossard 1 . The first volume came out on 21 October 2009 At Delcourt, in the collection " Histoire & histoires ". Made up of diptychs, The terrible Pope is part of a trilogy 2 initiated by Jodorowsky with Borgia , telling different stages of the history of the Vatican between the end of the xv th and beginning of the xvi th century.
The morning of 18 August 1503 At the Vatican rings the death of Pope Alexander VI . The latter, whose real name was Rodrigo Borgia, was part of the Borgia clan , the sworn enemies of Cardinal Giuliano della Rovere who, aided by his vicar and lover, intends to take advantage of the open field to gain access to the pontificate . Having neither the interpersonal skills nor the fortune necessary to be elected at the conclave , the cardinal went into the shadows, making alliances by means of promises he did not intend to honor, to be named pope under the name of Jules II .


The Terrible Pope 01 - Della Rovere (Dragonz-C27-O-T).cbr | 49.51MB | LINK:
The Terrible Pope 02 - Jules II (Dragonz).cbr | 54.38MB | LINK:

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