Saturday, July 8, 2017

Non Album Collection 12

Miss Don't Touch Me (2014) (Digital) (phillywilly-Empire)

In 1930s Paris, the “Butcher of the Dances” is on the prowl for young, loose women, and local dominatrix Agatha suddenly turns up dead. Everyone assumes it was suicide, but her sister Blanche is convinced that the Butcher is responsible. She decides to take matters into her own hands, and in her pursuit, she ends up hired into a luxury house of call-girls. She soon becomes adept at certain practices, but she does not lose sight of her ultimate goal—to find her sister's killer. A suspenseful spicy tale as only the French could so lightly get away with, this work is deceptive in its depth and realism.

Arsene Schrauwen (2014)

In 1947, the author's grandfather, Arsene, traveled across the ocean to a mysterious, dangerous jungle colony at the behest of his cousin. Together they would build something deemed impossible: a utopia of modernity, in the wilderness — but not before Arsene falls in love with his cousin's wife, Marieke. Whether delirious from love or a fever-inducing jungle virus, Arsene's loosening grip on reality is mirrored by the reader's uncertainty of what is imagined or real by Arsene. This first full-length graphic novel from the critically-acclaimed Olivier Schrauwen is an engrossing, sometimes funny, slightly surreal and often beautiful narrative.

Franquins Black Ideas (2003)

Funy dark humor, from AndrĂ© Franquin (3 January 1924 – 5 January 1997) was an influential Belgian comics artist, whose best known comic strip creations are Gaston and Marsupilami, created while he worked on the Spirou et Fantasio comic strip from 1947 to 1969.


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