Thursday, July 6, 2017

Non Album Collection 11

Lola Bogota

"When we talk about Bordeaux, we immediately think of the Pinard or Chaban-Delmas, but in the regional specialties, there is also the Bordeaux milieu ..." And the middle has the nerves: since Lola Bogota, the cream of The cream of the great international banditry, provided a hallucinogenic drug to their leader Georges Abadi, the godfather became addicted and gives in the mystic. He began to squander his empire in favor of the religious works of a canon. 200 million are destined for the construction of a chapel in his honor! With his faithful acolytes Jane and Z, an ultra-powerful gorilla, Lola is doing everything possible to recover the jackpot. For the underworld, no hesitation. Lola Bogota must die. It's going to bleed! 

Adam Clarks

Society columnist, spy or burglar... Adam Clarks is a difficult man to pin down!
In a fantastic twenty-first century where the Cold War still rages alongside the conquest of mars, at a cocktail party for this world's movers and shakers is where the enigmatic Adam Clarks shows his true face. One might think him rather occupied with kissing up to the powerful and to flirting with femme fatales. But he never loses sight of his true objective, a priceless 100 carat ruby on public display: the de Long Star. That night, Adam uses all his skills as a cat-burglar to steal the jewel. No-one sees or hears a thing. No-one? Don't be so sure... Now the target of both the KGB and the CIA, Adam will have to play both sides to make it out alive. With Adam Clark, Hautière introduces us to a classy and charismatic hero, a mix of Arsene Lupin and Mad Men, living in the world of yesteryear's spy films. A worthy representative of the stylised and elegant line of the "atom" school, Antonio Laporte expertly illustrates this wonderful uchronic atmosphere, blending futurism with the aesthetics of the 1960s.

Dragon Dynasty 01 - The Wrath of Ying Long

China, XIth century. Blinded by his thirst for immortality, Emperor Renzong of the Song captures a Phoenix, a sacred animal, causing the anger of the Dragon Ying Long. Chaos fell on the Empire. The universal order is broken. Only one thing could perhaps appease the great serpent, an inestimable thing in the eyes of the emperor ... to sacrifice his son, the sole heir of the Song dynasty.


Lola Bogota #1 - Our Dear Lady from Colombia (2005) (Dragonz-Alice).cbz | 22.34 MB | LINK:
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  1. Big THANK YOU for "Adam Clarks" - I didn't know Lapone's art, it is great; I'll try to find more of it.