Sunday, July 23, 2017


Kabur is a French comic book character written by Claude J. Legrand and illustrated by Luciano Bernasconi for French publisher Editions Lug in 1975. 
Prince Kabur is the son of King Sharon of the mythical Kingdom of Ultima Thule, which existed one hundred million years ago. Prince Kabur is exiled after being accused of nefarious deeds which were actually perpetrated by his evil twin, who was created by the wizard Sham. Kabur and his companion, the beautiful Lagrid, wander the world, fighting for justice and trying to prove his innocence. Eventually, Kabur manages to expose and defeat his evil twin with the help of the wizard Balthazar. He and Lagrid then return to Thule. During the course of their journey, they encounter a mercenary called the "Faucheur" (Reaper) and two other heroes from Lug's universe: Zembla and Wampus. Upon his return, Kabur discovers that his father is dying; soon afterwards, Lagrid his kidnapped and he is forced to embark on a new quest.


KABUR Vol 1 - The_Saga_of_Kabur_(2014)_(Digital)_(Dogmatix-Empire).cbr | 57.06 MB | LINK:
KABUR Vol 2 - City of the Spiders (2014) (Digital) (Dogmatix-Empire).cbr | 54.07 MB | LINK:
KABUR Vol 3 - The Scepter of Moloch (2014) (Digital) (Dogmatix-Empire).cbr | 54.92 MB | LINK:
KABUR Vol 4 - The Siege of Lorgash (2014) (Digital) (Dogmatix-Empire).cbr | 44.44 MB | LINK:
KABUR Vol 5 - The Revenge of Shivar (2014) (Digital) (Dogmatix-Empire).cbr | 56.60 MB | LINK: