Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Non Album Collection 16

Xoco - T01 - The Obsidian Butterfly

Xoco is a series of French comics by screenwriter Thomas Mosdi and draftsman Olivier Ledroit for the first two parts, then Christophe Palma, the latter two. It is published by Vents d'Ouest under the collection Gibier de galence (only the first three volumes).

Moebius 0 - The Horny Goof

The Horny Goof, unplanned prequel to the " Hermetic garage " - surprising in its frankness, and even vulgarity, but at the same time charming, with typically Mobiusovskoy agility and crazy story told. In the afterword, the author wrote what many consider The Detour (1973), the beginning of the creation of Mobius, but that story was signed by "Gir" and was a most manifest freely, nothing and no one are not constrained creativity. The Horny Goof (1974) is the same as the time the first product of this manifesto, the forerunner of "Arzak" and "garage" (being an intricate mixture of fantasy, humor and deliberately mysterious plot moves), and the first story Mobius "for adults". 

Moebius-Heavy Metal Presents Moebius (1981)

Along with his fellow artists, he founded Métal Hurlant, which eventually evolved into — and was outlived by — the English language magazine Heavy Metal. It was at Métal Hurlant that Mœbius introduced perhaps his most iconic character, the silent warrior Arzarch. The strips, originally just four short stories, follow Arzach as he rides his pterodactyl across vast expanses, and was groundbreaking at the time for not featuring any dialogue, narrative captions, or even sound-effects.


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