Sunday, July 30, 2017

Non Album Collection 21

Adventures of a Japanese office worker

Adventures of a Japanese office worker is a graphic novel by José Domingo of 2011. José Domingo created Adventures of a Japanese office as a short story for the Fanzine of Xornadas Band Deseñada of Ourense, but, aware of its potential as a long history, prepared a dossier for submission to different publishers in the Comic of Barcelona of 2009. 1 After Bang Ediciones accepted the project, the broad between February and August 2010 at Estudio La Pelu, advancing without a previous script. The work was published on December 12, 2011 in carton , in a format of 24 x 33 cm. The following year, it received the prize for the best work of Spanish author in the Hall of the Comic of Barcelona. Adventures of a Japanese office worker is a silent work, which has a rigid structure of four vignettes per page with a zenith view of the action. It shows in it the influence that video games like Loom , Maniac Mansion , Mario Bros. , Monkey Island or The Legend of Zelda exerted on Jose Domingo. His graphics, however, refers to Chris Ware or the last Max.

The Broken Man

This adventure, which combines the soap opera tradition with that of American comics, is for the moment a reflection on the vision, the crossing of appearances and the solitude of the heroes devoted to the darkness; The album is rich in half a dozen large picture boards where Gess pays tribute to the different graphic styles of the time with a final shift in photography. It is also a return to the sources of the Hypermonde: the Great War is a matrix, radium is a miracle material, the Russian Revolution upsets the European geopolitical chessboard. In short, one enters with the Man rigged in the universe of which the Chimera Brigade tells the end.

Muse (2012)

The hen arrives at the gates of the mansion, Coraline has no idea what she will discover the other side. The sculptural blonde presents itself to occupy a position of preceptor, without knowing more about the personality of the one on whom she will have to watch. The host is hard to pin down and his universe full of surprises.


Aventuras de un Oficinista Japones.cbr | 165 MB | LINK:
The Broken Man (2013) (Scanlation) (phillywilly).cbr | 127.1 MB | LINK:
Muse (2012) (HC GN) (Pudgy-Novus).cbr | 122.32 MB | LINK:

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