Sunday, August 6, 2017

Black Deker

In an independent Texas in the year 2033, Black and his associates deker recover the boat Lady in the Dark, the old steam Mississippi with which they work like picking up the scrap material bélique. Black Deker agrees to carry out a difficult mission: find and bring back alive A. Bierce, locked up in the high security prison of China (State of Nuevo Leon) where the governor of the County, Colonel Snark, is a dangerous psychopath who acts for his account. Deker will have to arrive before the execution of Bierce, without knowing that he himself is the victim of a conspiracy.
The Lady in the Dark, an old boat with a wheel, ascends the Rio Grande towards China Penitentiary. Black Deker, the commander-in-chief, an old shark of smuggling, has a mission to make Bierce escape before it is executed by the torture said of the insolation. But '' Amour Canaille '', the ship of Captain Bustamante, continues the 'Lady in the Dark' along the river, crossing a futuristic America in full civil war and controlled by bands of psychopathic guerillas.


Black Deker - Deep South Story from Heavy Metal Mag (november 1995).rar | 22.3 MB | LINK:
Black Deker - Yellow Moon.rar | 39.41 MB | LINK:

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