Saturday, August 26, 2017

Saga Valta

Coming from Valta, Valgar the Viking is as brave as seductive ... qualities that have not escaped Astridr, the daughter of Thorgerr to the hundred warriors. From their union Gunnar is born, but this happiness is of extremely short duration, for the furious father catches up with the cursed couple a few minutes after their love has borne its fruit. In flight, Valgar owes his survival only to the spear he carries, a legendary artefact that attracts the attention of the monstrous Ogerth-the-sinuous. The latter leaves him the life, against the promise to bring back a red cloak. And Valgar would have accepted any market to avenge his lost happiness!


Saga Valta 01 (Scanlation) (sparkie & Jon Snow & Mr.White).cbr | 100.96 MB | LINK:
Saga Valta 02 Sosjia (scanlation)(sparkie&Jon Snow&MickRC)(SZ scans).cbz | 60.31 MB | LINK:
Saga Valta 03 (2018) (Europe Comics) (Digital-Empire).cbr | 110.47MB| LINK: