Saturday, August 19, 2017

Non Album Collection 31

Come Prima (2015)

After the death of their father, two brothers, Fabio and Giovanni, crisscrossed the roads at the wheel of a Fiat 500. Their journey, enveloped in disputes and silences, memories and encounters, 'To their native Italy, left for years. In snatches, the portrait of their father recomposes and brings to light their tumultuous relations ...

Humphrey Dumbar, the Boogeyman - (One shot)

Humphrey Dumbar is an extremely zealous boogeyman. Each night, he chooses the children to torment as effectively as his job requires. Once again, he sets his sights on Miss Doloby’s orphanage.
But this evening, young Jimmy has had enough. He decides to act and hides in the ugly guy’s cauldron. Unknowingly, Humphrey leaves for home in the company of this fearless boy.
A quest to a magical country will change both their destinies...

The King of the Ribalds (2015)

Although of low extraction, the so-called Sad Sire is one of the most feared and respected characters in the kingdom. Officially, it serves only the cause of its sovereign, King Philip Augustus, whose close guard he ensures. But in the shadows, supported by his formidable spies and henchmen, the Ribauds, he watches, manipulates and sometimes eliminates those who stand in his way, in the shallows as well as at the court. But at the heart of the winter of 1194, savagely murdering a Bordeaux trader, he was about to make a mistake which might lead him to his ruin. Indeed, the day after his act, he learned from the king's mouth that this merchant was one of his spies, charged with thwarting an assassination attempt.


Come Prima (2015) (Digital) (phillywilly-Empire).cbr | 270.27 MB | LINK:
Humphrey Dumbar, the Boogeyman - (One shot) (2008, Civiello) (2015, Scanlation).cbr | 32.2 MB | LINK:
The King of the Ribalds (2015) (Scanlation) (phillywilly-Empire).cbr | 180.05 MB | LINK:

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