Sunday, August 27, 2017

Non Album Collection 35

Ghost - One Shot (2012)

Ghost is the nickname of a private adrift, John Ghostman. Finally, the nickname he wore at the height of his glory, when he was still an elite profile within the FBI, before a predictable decline. It is the death of a child, victim of a serial killer, that will cause him to abandon his career. A collateral damage that has haunted him since.

Tim Ginger (2015)

The prize-winning British cartoonist Julian Hanshaw makes his American debut with the rich and meditative story of Tim Ginger. Once a government test pilot, now a widow, Tim enjoys a quiet retirement in New Mexico... until a conspiracy theorist starts asking uncomfortable questions, and the haunting reappearance of an old friend provokes some hard choices about when to let go and when to hold on.

Succombe Qui Doit (2014)

A robbery that went wrong... Hiding out in a scrapyard, four young criminals take José Marchado hostage, the boss of the place, a strong, silent type from who knows where. How can they escape the police dragnet? Save the wounded man? And, most of all, deliver the proceeds of the robbery to their boss, the sinister La Villette? An expressionist work filled with violence and an uncommon harshness, Succombe qui doit revisits the eternal motifs of the noir novel with panache.


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