Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Non Album Collection 26

Aéropostale - Legendary Pilots

June 13, 1930. Base of Colina, in the middle of the Cordillera of the Andes. 
Henri Guillaumet, experienced pilot of the Aeropostale, does not suspect that by taking off that morning, he flies towards hell. Taken in a violent storm, his plane crashes amid the snow-capped peaks. He miraculously fails. Alone and with scant food, he chose to wait for his companions, who would certainly not be long in finding him. But after 3 days of vain hope, he decides to take his destiny in hand and tries to join Argentina. Then begins a journey of more than 70 km, between dizzying falls and intense fatigue, Guillaumet, with an iron will, clings to the sound of a single thought: "I will save my skin"!

Saving Human Being (2011)

Only one mission: to save man! An airplane crashes into the desert. On board, a pilot and a military robot, whose memory has only one slogan: to save men. But this mission is far from easy! To begin, he tries to save his pilot, injured and dehydrated, going in search of water ... But the oasis is too far and when it comes back it is already too late ... Wandering in the desert, it is Then gathered by a woman and her daughter, exiled to flee the war. At their side, he discovers feelings, laughter and games: in one word, innocence! Will it be able to preserve this haven of peace? For if he can not protect these two creatures, how could he, on another scale, know what he must do to save men?

Margarin (2015)

Margarine was a comic book written by Kristopher Schau and signed by Øystein Runde . The series was published in the now defunct series leaf lard , the first time in 2002 . The comic was released as a book by serial house in 2006. The comic is about a seemingly normal family, but that eventually turns out to be the opposite. There are four or five children in the family and all are still attached to the umbilical cord (which is also sticking to the mother). The mother is very overweight and located mostly in a bed. When the children have done mischief they need, instead of house arrest, crawl into the mother. The family also has a dog, which must be emptied to prevent the cracks. One of the more mysterious characters is Burt. You never spotted Burt, but it is often mentioned that he obtained. In a case, braces him so much that it almost becomes panic outbreaks in the family.


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