Friday, August 25, 2017

Non Album Collection 34

Grimfish 001 (2015)

A World of Hurt. After many lonely years of traveling through space, Fish decides to find solid ground on an outer rim planet. Here, a small group of mech pilots take a special interest in procuring his ship for their own. When one of these mechs mysteriously turns on its own pilot, Fish becomes dead center of a story much bigger than he could have anticipated.

If You Steal (2015)

Jason’s latest collection indulges his light and playful side, consisting of eleven wildly off-kilter stories that mix incongruous elements of pop culture and a variety of genres, pastiches and mash-ups in a delightful brick of elegant graphic storytelling. Frida Kahlo is a hired killer. Santo, the Mexican wrestling film star, faces his ultimate challenge. The rise and fall of Chet Baker—told in six pages. Night of the Vampire Hunter. The last word on the JFK assassination conspiracies. A non-linear heist story that also somehow includes images by Magritte. A big bug story based on 1950s black-and-white films. And what would Van Morrison’s Moondance album look like if it were a horror comic? All as foretold by Nostradamus, of course. And all told by Jason, whose sly and elusive meanings are hidden beneath a beguilingly deadpan style. 

Leaf (2015)

Story and rat by Daishu Ma. In this wordless, all-ages graphic novel, a man discovers a leaf that radiates a vibrant light, thus beginning a quest. Unfolding at a dream-like pace and drawn in a delicate style reminiscent of Shaun Tan's The Arrival and Chris Van Allsburg's Jumanji, Leaf is ultimately a hopeful vision of the coexistence of the urban and natural worlds.


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