Monday, August 21, 2017

Non Album Collection 32

Deviant Virtues (2015)

Deviant Virtues is a trilogy of short stories written by Rose Le Guirec and drawn by Regis Loisel, a husband and wife team and published by Humanoids that “explores sensuality, offering unique insights into rituals, festivals and erotica.” Basically it’ a little on the naughty side.

Sing No Evil (2014)

Twenty-something guitarist Aksel stutters when he sings, and the latest reviews say he has the voice of a crow with throat plague. That’s not a compliment, even for the avant-garde music his band Perkeros plays. Aksel is having a hard time keeping the band together, stopping his girlfriend from kicking him out, and not getting eaten by his drummer (who happens to be a cranky brown bear). There are also the rival bands that Perkeros find themselves in battle with to save the city from supernatural forces set loose by ancient music. The key to it all could be in the music Aksel hears in his dreams - if it doesn’t drive him mad first. With a visual soundtrack that blasts off the page, Sing No Evil is a wild ride through otherworldly dangers and the power of pure rock’n’roll.

The Devil's Concubine (2011)

Set in a large European city, The Devil's Concubine revolves around two cool, but not too clever hitmen hired to retrieve a mysterious cooler by an unknown party. When the two hitmen accidently shoot their contacts at the exchange without getting their money first, the mess really hits the fan. Chased by the police, a gang of dangerous Rastafaris, and an erratic crime boss out for their blood, the pair bluff and shoot their way through the seedy underworld on their way to the man who hired them - and toward their own destruction!


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