Saturday, August 12, 2017

Red One

Masked actor at night, porn actress the day: discover RED ONE (Red Skin)! Vera Yelnikov is an atomic bomb! Of those women who would wake up a dead or would have made lesbian Margaret Thatcher. But if sex is his great pleasure in life, she must devote most of her time to her job: an elite agent in the service of the USSR. 
In the middle of the Cold War, Vera was sent to Los Angeles by the Kremlin bureaucrats. His mission ? Become a veritable "American super-heroine" to be the spearhead of an operation of propagating Communist values ​​in the country of Uncle Sam and fight against the "Charpentier", a fascist serial killer who takes all Which resembles a leftist closely or remotely. Hardly arrived, and as clumsy as it is.


Red One 001 (2015) (uHD) (Digital) (Dogmatix-Empire).cbr | 99.33 MB | LINK:
Red One 002 (2015) (uHD) (Digital) (Dogmatix-Empire).cbr | 92.7 MB | LINK:
Red One 003 (2016) (Digital) (Dogmatix-Empire).cbr | 81.01 MB | LINK:
Red One 004 (2016) (Digital) (Dogmatix-Empire).cbr | 71.90 MB | LINK:
Red Skin T.01 - Welcome to America (2014) (french) (digital-Empire).cbr | 81.79 MB | LINK:

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